Hi, I'm Hannah Sandoval

The Face of PurpleInkPen

Why Hire Me?


First Impressions Matter: Without a pristine description and preview on Amazon, many readers will pass your book by. A pristine and professional manuscript sets you apart in an agent’s or publisher’s eyes, too. If you choose me as your editor, you will make a great first impression on your readers with a clean, professional manuscript. 

Reader Engagement is Essential: Without rich character development and engaging language, your riveting novel idea can fall flat. Without a solid structure, tone, and pace, the message of your self-help book can get lost in translation. If you choose me as your ghostwriter, you get one-on-one interviews with an experienced writer who can capture your voice and delight your readers.

Experience Shows: I have dedicated over six years of my life to mastering the nuanced craft of writing. I’ve already earned a BA in English with emphasis in writing, taken countless creative writing courses (including one from the prestigious Writers’ Workshop at University of Iowa), interned as a manuscript designer at 47 Journals printing company, and completed a certification course from IAP Career College on professional editing and the publishing industry.

Passion Permeates: I love what I do, which means I pour passion into each project, giving your manuscript the care and dedication it deserves.

I’ve Been There Before: I know what it’s like to put your heart and soul into a story and fall in love with its characters. I’ve written five manuscripts of my own (published three). Let me fall in love with your story, too.


A Little About Me

I fell in love with writing in the eighth grade and have pursued it as a career ever since. I majored in English with an emphasis in writing at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and graduated Summa Cum Laude in May of 2015. I also have a Professional Book Editor certification from IAP Career College.

After college, I promised myself I would not settle for a job that only required writing and editing as an additional skill instead of the main focus. Instead, I began pursuing a freelance career doing only what I love.

I have worked in a wide range of genres, including fantasy, science fiction, mystery, self-help, literary fiction, finance, health, memoir, YA historical non-fiction, and Southern Gothic.

My own fantasy novel, Arcamira, was published by Cosmic Egg Books on March 1, 2020. Previously, it was published on Channillo.com in biweekly installments and won Best Fantasy Series and Best Paranormal Series in the 2017 Channillo Awards. My first YA nonfiction book, People that Changed the Course of History: The Story of Frank Lloyd Wright 150 Years After His Birth from Atlantic Publishing Group, is available on Amazon. My second manuscript from Atlantic Publishing, Things that Changed the Course of History: The Story of the Invention of the Typewriter 150 Years Later, is also available on Amazon.

I am great at what I do because I adore what I do. You can rest assured that by hiring me, you will get someone who genuinely cares about making your idea, your story, and your passion everything it has the potential to be. I will take on your project with enthusiasm because I find what I do exciting and fun.

So if you are looking for fun, friendly, and professional service from someone whose passion for storytelling (yes, even a how-to book tells a story) matches your own, then I am the freelancer for you.