Bring Your Story to Life


If you have an idea for a riveting fiction book, I can help you put your world, characters, and adventures into words. With chapter-by-chapter help, I can round out your characters, catch plot problems, and make your book come out the way you’ve envisioned.

You can choose to have me work as a total ghost with no credit or as a coauthor. If you choose to have me work as a ghost, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) will be included in the contract, you will retain all rights to royalties, and only your name will appear on the book. If you choose to have me write with credit as a coauthor, we will negotiate a royalty percentage, but the overall price of the work will be cut in half.


I specialize in an array of genres. If the story you’re envisioning lands in one of these genres or subgenres, shoot me an email listing the one you’re seeking, the estimated length, the amount of content already completed, and the publishing method you plan to pursue. 


  • Amateur
  • Detective
  • Cozy


  • Supernatural/Occult
  • Psychological
  • YA


  • High Fantasy
  • YA
  • Urban
  • Fairytale
  • Dark
  • Paranormal

Included Services

  • Description for Back Cover and Amazon Listing
  • Basic Formatting for Easier File Format Transitions
  • A Proofread of Every Chapter
  • One Rewrite per Chapter
  • One Overall Proofread Upon Completion
  • Help Flushing Out Plot Holes and Lack of Character Development

“No Credit” Requirements:

If you wish for me to act as a total ghost rather than a credited coauthor, please provide a detailed, chapter-by-chapter plot outline and character descriptions. If you feel my help for the story outline and character development is absolutely necessary, an additional fee of $1,000 will be added for that service. If you have sections of the book already written and just need rewriting, your price will be lower. Typically, if I notice a plot hole or lack of detail in the sequence of events or in character development, I will alert you of the problem, but I will not contribute creatively to fixing the problem in any way. All creative details of the book must come from you, the author, unless you are agreeable to a larger fee. I simply put your ideas into words that captivate readers and allow your story to be told in the smoothest, most convincing, and most engaging way possible.

No Credit

Further pricing based on desired book length, delivery deadlines, and volume of content provided by author.
$30K /Average
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Further pricing based on royalty percentage, desired book length, deadlines, and volume of content provided by author.
$15K /Average
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Additional Services

In addition to full, from-scratch book creation, I also offer rewriting services for authors wishing to enhance a current draft and outlining services for authors looking for guidance on how to carry their story through to the end.


Further pricing based on draft length, delivery deadlines, and current state of content provided by author.
$15K /Average
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Fixed fee for creating a chapter-by-chapter outline for you to follow, based on your ideas and vision for the story.
$3K /Fixed
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