Make Sure Your Manuscript is Squeaky Clean

Finishing a book of any kind is a huge accomplishment. Congratulations! Now, the next step is to polish it up and make it shine. Whether you need someone to help you evaluate your first rough draft for plot holes or structural problems, help with fact-checking a bygone era or the plausibility of a fight sequence, or just a final polish of syntax, flow, and grammar, I can help you get your book ready for publishing. If you are unsure which editing level will benefit your manuscript most, or if you just want to make sure my style is the correct fit for you, send me the first five pages of your manuscript for a free sample edit.

Choose Your Editing Type

I specialize in two different kinds of edits. Choose the option that fits your manuscript’s needs. A style sheet is included in both editing types to help you maintain consistency and catch your most common mistakes on your next project. No matter which editing type you choose, I will make sure your whole manuscript complies with the Chicago Manual of Style, which is the style guide adopted by most publishers. However, if your subject matter requires MLA or APA formats, I have experience with those as well.

Line Edit

A more involved version of copyediting, wherein the editor contemplates how to polish every sentence, rather than just jumping to those that are clunky or contain grammar errors. A line edit tightens and enhances every paragraph, cutting unnecessary wordiness, strengthening syntax, perfecting flow, and reworking any excessive exposition. But it does not address the structure of the plot, character arcs, themes, etc.

I also offer an “Intensive” Line Edit, which occasionally crafts all-new sentences to add emotional weight and sensory detail, develop distinctive character voices, and strengthen character’s internal thoughts/observations.

Developmental Edit

A “big picture” edit that focuses on analyzing the story as a whole, rather than individual sentences, to provide feedback on how to hone plot structure, pacing, characterization, and worldbuilding. In addition to “in-text” comments, this service includes an analysis document that summarizes my impressions as a reader, my thoughts as an editor, and my suggestions for improvement (including multiple solution options for you to choose from wherever possible).

Genres I Love Best

♥ Thriller     ♥ Fantasy

♥ Literary     ♥ Horror

   ♥ Mystery        ♥ Adventure

Line Edit

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Short Critique/Analysis
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