How-To Book for Parents of Addicted Teens


For this project, I wrote a 200+ page manuscript for parents of drug-addicted teens compiled from the outlines and blog posts of a professional sober home and rehab consultant. Through phone interviews and the client’s personal writings, I worked to capture the client’s voice and craft his knowledge into a cohesive book that serves as an in-depth guide for parents struggling to figure out the next steps for their children’s recovery.

The client chose to self-publish, which proved fruitful, and he has recouped his investment in the book’s production. This book garnered him the interest of a prominent agent in the self-help genre who wishes to take on his next project.

A sample from this book is provided below with permission from the author.


Project Details:

  • 200+ pages
  • Crafted from client notes and interviews
  • Client’s voice: casual, insider, gritty, unapologetic
  • Self-published by client
  • Sample available
  • Led to an agent acquisition for the client

Addiction Recovery Book

Writing Sample