Era of Villains Fantasy Series

Author S. J. Valfroy is a native of France. When she had the idea for a series of classic villain origin stories, she asked me to bring them to life for her, as English is not her first language. Miss Valfroy provided me with her outlines, and I produced two books for her: The Sea Witch (66,000 words), and The Queen of Hearts (68,000 words). Both are fairy tale fantasy genre books that deal with love, hate, and magic. Both have been received extremely well by readers, earning 4-5 star ratings on Amazon and Goodreads with a number of detailed reviews.

Project Details:

  • Two Books
  • Approximately 70,000 words each
  • Genre: Fairytale/Fantasy
  • Created from client’s outline
  • Provided suggestions for plot and character strengthening
  • Highly positive reader reception

The Sea Witch

Book Excerpt

The Queen of Hearts

Book Excerpt