Healing Fairy Tales Collection

A unique combination of fantasy fiction and self-help, this project is a collection of fairy tale short stories designed to help readers deal with trauma. The stories were the client’s therapeutic way of working through her own childhood trauma, and she framed the stories with a guide to help others use this method. When the client first approached me, some of the stories were already in first draft form and some were outlines. I performed a mixture of rewriting and full draft creation. I enhanced the flow and language of the previously drafted stories, sometimes providing alternate plot points. I strengthened the provided outlines, and the client then wrote some of the stories herself from those new outlines. I then edited those drafts. Lastly, I took a few of the stories from outline to completion, with the client providing her personal input all along the way. I copy edited the introduction and the guideline portion of the manuscript, but the client spearheaded the nonfiction side of the manuscript mostly on her own. The end result was a collection of twelve beautiful fairy tales that addressed topics of abuse, empowerment, the power of therapy, self-worth, self-reflection, overcoming fear, and more.

The client has not yet decided on a publishing method, and she has not granted permission for samples of the work to be shared here. However, her contact information can be provided for a reference upon request.

Project Details:

  • 12 short stories
  • Approximately 35,000 words
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Worked from client’s outlines
  • Mix of Rewriting and Full Draft Creation
  • Reference available upon request