Urban Fantasy Novel Rewrite

In early 2018, I was approached by this client to help him apply the suggestions of an editor to his fully drafted manuscript. However, it soon became clear that there were a large number of plot issues that were not caught by his hired editor. So, instead of simply adding a few character-developing scenes and smoothing out the language, as first intended, I created a full rewrite outline, providing new scene suggestions, plot hole solutions, and enhanced character profiles for all of the leads and a few antagonists. After bouncing ideas back and forth, the client and I finalized the rewrite’s direction, and I modified the novel to reach its full potential. The story is a fun-filled, fast-paced dive into an alternate reality, following three teens who discover the existence of a hidden, magical world whose long-raging battle of good and evil threatens to decimate their reality … unless they step up to help. The novel is intended to bridge the gap between Upper Middle Grade and Young Adult, targeted at children aged 11-16.

The novel was self-published by the author and is available on Amazon. A short sample of my rewrites, displaying both the original content and all changes made, is available upon request. Additionally, you can read his review of my work on my testimonial page.

Project Details:

  • Approximately 115,000 words
  • Genre: Urban Fantasy
  • Reworking of client’s original draft
  • Corrected plot inconsistencies and enhanced overall language flow¬†
  • Sample available upon request