Tween Empowerment Guidebook

For this light rewrite project, the client wanted to prepare her previously published book for its second edition. The book seeks to teach tweens valuable life lessons that will help them feel empowered and confident. The narrators of the book are two fictional tweens who share personal anecdotes to provide examples of how to utilize the lessons in daily life, but the content and goal of the book is primarily how-to nonfiction. The client felt that the overall tone needed an adjustment, but she wasn’t sure what kind of change would suit the book best. I suggested that the tone be changed to sound more like a real tween chatting with a fellow tween, whereas the first edition utilized the tone of a teacher speaking to a student, despite its young narrators. I applied this new, youthful, conversational tone wherever needed within the manuscript, added a few extra anecdotes, and created fill-in-the-blank exercise sheets at the end of every chapter so that the readers could apply each lesson as they learned them.

The first edition of the book was published via a book packaging company. The second edition is forthcoming. The client has not granted permission for samples of the rewrites to be displayed. However, her review of my work can be found on my testimonial page.

Project Details:

  • Approximately 16,000 words
  • Genre: How-To
  • Light tonal rewrite
  • Creation of exercise sheets 
  • Testimonial available