My wish was to build a novel that would touch people’s hearts, as it was populated with characters based on people I knew and loved. I am a deeply sentimental person and Hannah, she brought an air of sensitivity, professionalism and grace which profoundly impressed me. I do not have enough words to describe how wonderful it was been working alongside her. A true emotional roller-coaster that I shall not soon forget, and look forward to riding once again.
So in short, if you want a ghostwriter and editor with all the right qualifications, then search no more and hire Hannah Sandoval. Unless I and other writers grab her again, then you will have to wait 😉

Christopher Vastag

Author, Adult Fantasy Novel Rewrite Project (under contract with publisher)

I really don’t want to say what a wonderful job she did and how wonderful she is to work with because I want to keep working with her and don’t want any one else to take her away from me. But! She is absolutely amazing! She added color and depth to my world that I could not have added while still staying true to my vision. I sent her a passage of text and I don’t know how she did it, but she took my lame attempt at getting the feeling I wanted to convey and while using most of my own words and phrases turned it into something amazing! So much so that when I read it for the first time I was literally whooping and hollering out loud (I am glad I was in a private space or I may be wearing a white jacket right now). She is considerate, and professional while still being imaginative and creative and puts her own color to the project while still staying true to the original vision. I would say anyone would be foolish not to hire Hannah Sandoval.

Marc Beckstrand

Author, “Crisis in the Deep" (seeking representation)

Hannah has the unique ability to strike the perfect balance between upbeat encouragement and constructive criticism. She assessed my novel on several levels – as a reader, as a writer and as an editor. She not only is a wiz at grammar and punctuation but also was very helpful in discussing issues of flow, plot and theme. She helped me bed down on the good stuff and she pointed me towards new pathways to explore. She met my expectations and exceeded them. I felt like I had a companion on my writing journey. I would recommend Hannah to any new or established writer.

Jackson South

Author , “Time Anew” time travel series (publication pending)

Hannah is absolutely incredible. Very high-quality work and perfect professionalism. Thank you, Hannah.

Frank Gifford

Head Creative , Madness Marketing

It was a pleasure to work with Hannah; she did outstanding work. She is a very talented writer, the communication between us was great and she always submitted work on time and even before!!! I am so glad I found her. I love the work she did for me, and we will hopefully work on many more projects together! She was very involved with my project, and she did her best to make it amazing. She is brilliant and I totally recommend her!

S.J. Valfroy

Author , "Era of Villains" series

Enjoyed working with Hannah. I would love to work with her again!

Tiffany Ladega

Inspire Publications

Excellent attention to detail. Very responsive! Hiring again NOW!

Melanie Watkins

Author, "Taking My Medicine: My Journey from Teenage Mother to Physician"

Hannah was great for a first-time writer of a fantasy story. She was helpful and clear with all her comments on the book. Her communication was quick and to the point. For an inexperienced writer, she is worth every penny of the investment. I received 3 quotes and she was not the lowest but she communicated all the details quickly and offered to help even before I hired her. I would not hesitate to use her again for my second book in the near future. An absolute pleasure to work with, a true professional who wants what is best for you and your novel.


Author , Urban Fantasy Novel Project

As a new author, I searched for and contacted several potential copy-editors. Many of them were slow to respond, too busy, etc.

Hannah, on the other hand, requested a 1,500 word sample and quickly returned a very professionally copy-edited work. She eventually copy-edited my entire first novel and provided excellent edits and keen character insights.

Hannah is very professional and enjoyable to work with. I will be working with her again on my second novel, The Philippine Dilemma.

John J Mitchell

Author, "91 Days to Panama," an urban fiction novel

What makes Hannah stand out is her expertise as a ghostwriter and her outstanding clarity and communication throughout the project. It was a joy to work with her.


Author , Tween Empowerment Guidebook Project

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